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Real Member Stories, March

Every month here at we give you our top member stories from the last 30 days. These are testimonials that we ask our members to send into us about their experiences using our adult dating service. We only use the real member’s age and location, although we use names they are never as real as we want to protect the privacy and discretion of our members’ identity. If you have a story you would like to share about using Instant Quickies please write into as at, [email protected]

Oliva, 32, Perth

I heard about from one of my girlfriends who had used it to meet her new boyfriend. She said that it was easy to use and seemed popular in our area. I signed up to give it a go, although I’m certainly not looking for a boyfriend, just a little fun on the side. This website definitely gives me that! It’s very easy to use and works on types of smartphones, which even comes with a built-in a map showing you members who are ‘up for it’ near you. I have met quite a few guys using this tool when I’m bored, some I now see on a regular basis for local sex. I have been a member of several different dating sites in Perth, but this one by far ticks all the boxes for me.

Liam, 25, Melbourne

I started using this site a few weeks ago. What first made me sign up was the fact they offered a free membership trial. This was a good way for me to test to make sure it was safe and private. After a few days, I upgraded to full-time membership. This then gave me the option to message 1000’s of members I liked the look of in Melbourne. I couldn’t quite believe how many were online and looking for casual encounters in my area. So far I have been on 3 dates and 2 of those ended up with sex at end of the night, not bad by any standards.

Ava, 54. Brisbane

Being a slightly older woman I was a little concerned that I might stand out after signing up for a site like. I was right that I would stand out, but wrong about my reasons why. I can’t believe how much attention I get! Now please don’t think I am trying to brag about myself because I’m really not, but it’s safe to say I have never been so popular. It’s great to see a dating website like this really does have a place for any man or woman no matter what her age!

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