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If you are interested in having a quickie in Melbourne then you have come to the right site, we are Melbourne’s number one sex dating website.

Why are we the number one sex site?

The reason for this is that we can find you sex in Melbourne faster than any other sex site out there.

How do we do it?

We do this by getting every single person who signed up to this site to agree that they will message every single person back and if they are interested in meeting up for sex then they have to do it within 48 hours of first being contacted. The best thing is that we mean it if you message someone and get no message back, let us know and we will contact them directly to find out why, if they do not get back to us or give us a valid reason we remove them from the Melbourne website. Now that does mean that we end up throwing a lot of people off the site but it also means that the hundreds of people who are on the site will all messaged back extremely quickly and are all interested in meeting up with you for sex.

Don’t just take our word for it

“Hi My name is Sally and I wanted to write a quick warning about this site. If you have ever signed up to any other dating site on the planet, you will know that it is actually quite a slow process, you message a few people, you get a few people messaging you. You may not respond for a few days and you know that if you do end up meeting up with them it will probably be about three weeks down the line. This website, on the other hand, is totally hardcore. You have to message people back quickly or you get chucked out, people on this site are very direct and ask you if you are free to meet up and when you pretty much have to roll with the punches, you either have to message people saying that you are not interested or you end up meeting up for sex. It is a very fast-paced website where you pretty much have a tone of one night stands. This is perfect for some people.”

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