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What’s the fasted sex you have ever had

Since our site is called instant quickies we thought we would ask some of the people on this site what was the fasted sex they have ever had.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we didn’t call this site instant quickies because we wanted to help people have fast sex, we did it because we wanted to help people out who wanted to have sex soon. In other words the length of time between now and the next time they have sex. Then when they are actually having sex, they can take their time, wink wink.

Fast shags.

So we put this question to our database, what is the fasted shag you have ever had. Some people came back and told us about a time when they were so horny they skunked straight away and some people came back to us and tell us about how they had met men in a club and were shagging them in the toilets within ten minutes of meeting them.

Either way here is our best story

“My name is jack and I come from Leeds. I have to say the fastest shag I have ever had was probably the first time I had sex. I was seventeen and I was so excited about shagging my girlfriend, she had given me a hand job a few nights before and I knew that sex was on the cards. She came over and we had a few drinks before you knew it she was taking off her knickers. I was rock hard. I got a condom out of my bedside drawer and slip it over my dick. I felt like just going that could have made me cum. Then I slipped my dick inside her and I can just remember how it felt now. It was totally euphoric. It was so warm and wet and I have never experienced pleasure like it before in my life. She was on top and I was lying on my back. She had her tits in my face and I loved every second of it. She started to ride me and the pleasure was unbearable, I think she must have pumped me about 5 times before I was skunking everywhere. I came all over the place. It was complete euphoria and I was in heaven. This definitely had to be the best sex I have ever had. Obviously a few moments later we went again and I lasted a lot longer the second time. These days it takes me ages to cum. However, that shag took seconds.”

Funny story from one of our members there. I have to say, I don’t think there are many virgins on this site though, just a tone of sex-mad men and women looking for no strings attached sex asap.

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