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Are you living in Wollongong and interested in meeting up with someone for an instant quickie? What I mean is, are you interested in meeting up with someone for a no strings attached shag? If so then this could be the perfect site for you. We are the Wollongong specialize in putting people together who are interested in having sex.

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If you are on this site, then you are most likely living in Wollongong and interested in meeting up with men and women who are eager to have some sex. Many of the people who sign up to this site are married or already in a relationship and are here because they just want a bit more sex on the side or are interested in meeting someone who is in the same situation and just wants a bit of a fuck on the side.

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“My name is Jane, and I have been signed up to this fantastic dating site for the last year. I signed up because I was bored in my marriage. Don’t get me wrong; I love my husband, and I do not have any intention to leave him, but I wanted to start having a bit more sex on the side. I put my ad in the sex personals in Wollongong but didn’t have much luck. I decided to come online and searched for the best sex dating website in Wollongong. It didn’t take long to find this site, and it sounded like the exact site that I was looking for. Within minutes I was signed up and scrolling through hundreds of hot men who were all looking for sex with a woman like me and they all wanted sex fast, or instantly.

I messaged a few of them saying that I was interested in meeting up and they all got back saying that they would like me to fuck them that week. I decided just to go for it. I met up with a different man each day after work. I have to say it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. I was at work so excited that each day I was going to be fucked by a different man. We organized a hotel room, and each of them met me in this hotel room each night. I got fucked really hard and after I drove home to my husband.”

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