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If you are living in Canberra and are looking for the next person who you can have a quickie with then you are in the right place.

What is a quickie

A quickie is when you meet up with a strange for a good rooting within a short amount of time. Many people think of a quickie as having sex fast, but here at instantquickies, we see it as the length of time between messaging someone for the first time and then meeting up with them for a fuck.

We have hundreds of men and women in Canberra who have all agreed that if they get messaged by someone on this site that they will respond quickly but even more importantly than that, they will go and meet up with them for a fuck soon.

There are many dating websites out there that promise that they can get you sex quickly but three weeks later you will find yourself still messaging the same people trying to convince them to meet up for a date.

We are not at all interested in dating. The only date we are interested in is sex dating. We set out to create the best sex dating site in Canberra that can guarantee you sex within one week of signing up and I think we have done it.

Why not listen to one of our members talk about their experience.

“My name is John and I live in Canberra, I signed up to this site as I was desperate to have a fuck. I signed up and one of the first things I had to do was agree to message anyone who contacted e back quickly or I would be thrown off the site. I thought it was a little weird but agreed to it. I have to say that since I signed that I have noticed that everyone on this site messages back really fast either to let me know they are not interested or to arrange a time and a place to meet up for a fuck.

It is incredible, I have to say I really am having a lot of sex on this site. I might be leaving soon because it is getting to a point where I don’t have to time to meet up with the people who are messaging me as I already have three fuck buddies from this site in Canberra who I meet up with on a regular basis.

If you are interested in meeting up for a fuck then sign up to this Canberra dating site today!

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