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Fancy some rooting and want it quick? If you are searching for some instant rooting then look no further. This is Instant quickies, the home of men and women who are looking for fast NSA fun. Whether you are in a relationship or simply just want a hard fuck by the end of the week then you are in luck. All members of instant quickies have signed up because they are interested in meeting up for rooting without any of the bullshit. No endless flirting or uncertainties about whether you are going to have sex or not.

How it works

Just upload a picture of yourself and explain in your description what you are looking for and just wait for someone to come along and offer you sex. If you don’t want to wait that long then why not start messaging some of the women on our site and see if they want to meet up

Meet up for sex with 48 hours.

All the members on our site have agreed to meet up with people within 48 hours of being contacted. This is not really a site for flirting or chatting. It is a site that has been designed for rooting and nothing else. Message anyone you like and simply ask them if they would be interested in meeting up for a rooting. It really is that easy. Over 90% of the first messages sent on this site are simply asking whether they would like to meet up for sex.

If you are finding yourself on other dating sites trying to chat up hundreds of girls when all you are really interested in is sex then look no further as this is the site for you.

Find the man or woman of your dreams.

Well, when we say dreams we really mean wet dreams. On this site we don’t just let you filter the men and women you want to meet up with by age and appearance, we also let you meet up with them based on their sexual preferences. If you are really interested in Anal or perhaps you absolutely love rimming women then filter your results and we will only show you people who enjoy receiving what you love doing.

No more need for guesswork. If all you are interest in is anal sex then you can find out straight away whether that woman shares your tastes or not.

This means you get to save a hell of a lot of time. The other alternative is you sign up to eHarmony and flirt with the woman for months, then take her on 20 dates, then get her in the bedroom and then finally find out if she likes it up the shitter or not.

I know which one I would rather pick if I was looking for instant rooting!

The kind of people you could meet

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